Website Design

With a new or revamped custom website design, we can help drive more traffic, and business, to your brand.



With a new or revamped custom website design, we can help drive more traffic, and business, to your brand.

Our designers are website ninjas.

There is no doubt that in order to achieve success online your website needs to reflect and represent your brand perfectly. A poorly designed website can damage the brand’s image and it is crucial that you take precautions to avoid this. We can help you achieve this by using our services to offer a bespoke, beautiful, and user-friendly website that is tailored to suit your requirements.
We take every step to ensure that your online presence is designed and shaped in such a way that will represent your brand in the best manner possible. We make sure that your website appears user-friendly, informative, and easy to navigate through so that it becomes the center of attraction for those who visit it.

We design websites for every device.

Your mobile website is the first thing potential customers see when they visit your site on their phones. Whether they are searching for a local business to solve their problem, or researching a product before making a purchase, your website needs to perform on every device.
A truly mobile-friendly site should include several helpful features: a scalable design that will adapt to the screen size of every device, a prominent phone number that tap-to-call users can tap to dial you directly from the site, simple navigation with a limited number of drop-downs and optimized images for fast loading.

Landing Pages

Every landing page should be designed with a specific conversion goal in mind. It’s not about designing beautiful pages — it’s about creating an experience that will give you the best chance to convert visitors into subscribers, leads, or customers.

Complex Websites

Web design is the art and process of developing a concept that communicates the information to be delivered, and implementing that communication through a visual design and technical architecture. It can range from simple to complex and can be conducted in-house by a company’s informatics specialists using their own equipment, or it can involve contracting out the entire process to an independent designer or firm. Web designers may use different tools when preparing their designs compared to those used by graphic designers.

eCommerce Designs

E-commerce has transformed the retail landscape, creating a wide array of opportunities and challenges for businesses. With advanced technologies, it’s easier than ever before to reach consumers around the globe with products of all types, including books, clothing and accessories, food items, electronics and other goods.

Online Learning

Educational technology is the use of interactive computer-based tools, involving hardware and software to facilitate learning. It is also referred to as edutech, which is derived from education and technology. Educators use educational technology in their everyday lives by teaching students from around the world via online courses instead of traditional classroom settings or even visiting classrooms as guest speakers do.

Keys to Website Design.

Domain Name

The importance of a strong and memorable domain name can be one of the most crucial steps to a proper website design.  We can help pick the perfect domain for you, with many options available.

Web Design

Possibly one of our biggest assets at Driving Cap is our design team.  The look, feel, and connectivity of your site matters.  We don’t cut any corners, skip any steps, or use cheat codes for the design of your website.

Hosting Account

Millions of servers in thousands of locations across hundreds of countries.  It can be daunting when trying to plan for the backend of your website.  That’s exactly why Driving Cap takes the hard work out of it!  With our own hosting platform, you can rest assured that your site is safe, backed up, and updated regularly.

Site Security

Hundreds of websites are attacked every day by scammers just hoping for a way into your website.  Fear not, because with our hosting platform, domain protection, and an SSL certificate, which is an easy upgrade to any site (and required by law to accept credit cards) you will stay protected.

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